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Mannings Alberta is an industry leader in thermal combustion heat treatment and can provide combustion services for all industries. The Mannings Alberta high velocity gas train system will provide up to 8 million BTU/ hr of highly accurate on-site heating in a powerful yet portable package. The system is highly flexible and capable of utilizing most commercially available fuel gases most commonly natural gas and propane. Flame safety is a mandatory part of our system. A flame failure diagnostic unit works in conjunction with a UV sensor and duplex solenoid valves, to control the gas to the burner along with multiple safety locks and redundancies.

 Combustion heating applications

·         Refractory dry-out

·         On site PWHT of vessels, tanks and reactors

·         PWHT  in  our clients furnaces

·         Process startups ie glass furnaces, boilers ….

·         Expansion tests on new facilities

·         Phenolic coating and paint cures.


At Mannings Alberta, we deploy a wide variety of electrical resistance Heat Treatment equipment to match our customers needs. Our equipment consists of small portable 2-point twin heat modules to large 24-point self contained mobile heat treatment units.

Electrical resistance applications:

·         Local Post weld heat treatment

·         Pre-heating welds

·         Bake outs

·         Line thaws

·         Annealing

·         Expansion and heat alignments

·         Localized refractory dry outs


Induction heating systems use a coil wrapped around the object to create an electromagnetic field that generates heat within the object. These systems provide quicker heating, faster setup and teardown, the safety of cool coils, efficient power consumption and narrowly focused heat.

Induction heating applications

·         PWHT

·         Pre-heats

·         Line thaws

·         Expansion/ shrink fitting

·         Bolt stretching


At Mannings, we offer the services of Heat Treatment Consultants. Our consultants add value and can help reduce costs for our clients by focusing on operational, service, and market needs as they relate to Heat Treatment and ancillary issues. They provide impartial technical and business advice and support on all aspects of the thermal-processing industry. Advice can range from simple technical recommendations to fully detailed reports or multifaceted studies.

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